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Tucker Insurance is an independent insurance agency contracted with a large number of insurance carriers so that we can provide the insurance protection you need at the best price we can obtain for you, form the best insurance companies.

Our goal is to help each person or business by providing for all your needs without having you pay for the protection you do not need.

Our motto is "WE TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY" That is how we approach each client

Our clients are from every continent on the plant( except Antarctica). We help international students, scholars, and other visitors to the United states, helping them with issues even beyond insurance. We want them to have nothing but positive memories of their time here. 

As a parent myself, if my children were going to school in a different nation I would hope they could find someone like us to always be honest with them and to help them while they are there.

We are independent, meaning we do not work for any one insurance carrier. That way we can always make the needs of the client our priority, and not the needs and directives of any one insurance carrier. It also means that as price change we can shop for the best price for our clients while guaranteeing they  continue to be protected through excellent insurance companies. Annually we review the carriers we use and make sure they all continue to be A Rated by the organizations that monitor this industry. 

We are actively involved in community and University activities and organizations. Always open to help any group we can. 

We currently provide insurance in 9 different states with employees located in three states and four locations. Including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylyania, Idaho, and South Carolina.

Thank you for considering our business family. 



Our staff speaks 9 different languages which help international clients feel more at home with us.

Tucker Insurance is backed by more than 40+ years of experience in the insurance field.

Meet the Team

Phil Tucker, CLU, CPCU, ChFC

Phil decided to open Tucker insurance after working at State Farm for 30 years. He wanted his company to deliver all of the honest foundations he was brought up around and get the best possible coverage for a wide variety of clients. He graduated from Purdue's Krannert School of management and enjoys supporting Purdue sports and spending time with his grandchildren.

Angel Z.png

Angel Zhao

Angel graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor degree in Applied Statistics. As a licensed Insurance Sales Agent she provides sales and customer service support to customers and prospects from the Indiana Office, handles Tucker Insurance social media platforms, and regularly analyzes statistical data, producing reports and graphs utilized to identify and resolve areas of concern. She loves to dance and travel around the world!


Tianyue Hao

Tianyue is a graduating Purdue senior majoring in Marketing. She has experience handling other business social media account as well as a college student organization account. Tianyue is passionate in digital marketing and she hopes to promote Tucker insurance so that more people can recognize this trustworthy brand. She loves dancing and she’s been active in a college dance club since her freshman year.


Ying Sun

As a data analyst at Tucker Insurance, Ying is responsible for analyzing data, and researching to evaluate and help improve the performance of other teams. She is also a licensed agent and is ready to help you with insurance plans based on your needs.

Pia Zavala

Kayleigh graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Brain & Behavioral Science. Working at Tucker Insurance as a licensed agent, she is determined to find coverage that meets your needs at a price you can afford! She is passionate about helping others by ensuring customers understand what the different coverage options are and which option offers the best protection for each person’s unique life circumstances. She loves board games and playing with her cat, Felix!


Karen Danaher

I am married with 3 grown children and have 6 grandchildren. I know the value of being a close family and would love to help your family.


My background has been in Human Resources for over 25 years helping employees with their family decisions regarding insurance and other benefits. I make lasting relationships with everyone that I help and enjoy helping others to make a positive impact on them!


I love spending with my family and friends. I enjoy being outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, gardening and sports.

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