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Protect The Biggest Investments Of  Your Life

Your home is where your family lives and where you spend some of the happiest moments. Make sure you keep them safe under all situations with insurance from one of the AM Best A+ rated companies. You can also bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance. Now you can be at peace knowing wherever you're at, Tucker Insurance is protecting you and your loved ones. Talk to our professionals today about SR-22, high risks, multiple claims/accident violations, international licenses, and senior discounts available for all insurance packages. 

Affordable Auto Insurance With Discounts Up to 55%

You can select the best plan that matches your needs for your vehicles including motorcycles, commercial vehicles, travel trailers, and boats, we provide highly affordable insurance coverage by Auto-Owners, NationWide, Safeco, Progressive, and many other highly rated insurance providers, along with various discounts.

Internatonal student helth

International Student Special

International Student Health Insurance

Premium as low as $80 per month

$0 Student Health Center Copay

Unlimited Annual & Lifetime Maximum

Fly family members over for serious injury

Low Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Easy claims-file process

24/7 Multilingual Customer Service


Worldwide Traveler's Quote

Medical emergency

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Covid-19 related expense

Prescription drugs

Dental Emergency

Hotel accommodation for companion

Legal assistance

Reimbursement for flight delay or cancelation

Pet Assistance

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Health & Medical Insurance

Health & Medical Quote

Don't Wait For Emergencies - Be Prepared 

You never know just when you might need to make that trip to the hospital. We know there's no way you can compromise on the health of your loved ones. That's why Tucker Insurance keeps you ready for any kind of situation with our health and medical supplements.

All Kinds Of Health Insurance And Medical Supplements

In addition to health insurance, we also offer vision, dental, and several special plans, including:

  • Insurance to cover you if you are traveling

  • Insurance for student and scholars 

  • Short term and long term disability insurance

  • Medicare-related coverages

Commercial & Employee Insurance

Commercial & Employee Benefits

Keep Your Business Safe and Running with Amazing Insurance Coverage Plans

You've worked very hard to establish this business. Dont' let an unforeseen accident or a problem employee ruin any of your efforts. When you want to protect your business, you know you can trust professionals with over 35 years of experience.

Insure the Most Valuable Assets of Your Business

You can choose from a variety of employee benefit programs: 

  • Group health

  • Life 

  • Disability

  • Retirement Plans and Investments

  • Short-term & long-term

  • Vision & dental 

  • Workers' compensation

Life Insurance

Critical part of you and your family's future

 Life Insurance serves many purposes especially guaranteeing that your beneficiaries can and will be able to complete their life goals when unexpected and untimely death happens. Without life insurance, the future of the family or people may experience financial difficulties after your death. 

Affordable Price for a guaranteed future

Life insurance is a wonderful gift for your new born child or grand child. For the price of one fast food lunch a month, you can provide that newborn family member $100,000 whole life insurance. The policy will also grow cash that can be borrowed to meet unexpected expenses along the way 

Life Insurance

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