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"Family Helping Family"

Auto, Renter, Home, Commercial, Health, Life

Serving Clients Around the World


Personal insurance products and information

  • Property, liability, health, life, investments, dental, and vision.

  • Auto insurance, renters insurance, and health insurance

Senior Citizens insurance product and information

  • Medicare supplements, long-term care insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance.

Insurance and information for your business

  • Property, liability, workers compensation, employee benefits, and specialty product for all types of businesses, including Nonprofit organizations

International students and workers' insurance

  • Auto insurance, renters insurance, and health insurance

Consulting services are also available


At Tucker Insurance, we have been proudly serving the Lafayette community since 2010.

Tucker Insurance is backed by more than 40+ years of hands-on experience in the insurance field. Our agents are fluent in 8 languages including English and Chinese.

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Tucker Insurance has contracted with 64 top insurance companies and organizations such as Progressive and AutoOwner to provide the clients with the insurance protection you need at the best price we can obtain for you.

All the companies Tucker Insurance contracts with have to be A-rated by all organizations monitoring insurance companies. This is done to guarantee that you get the coverage of the claims you deserve

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 “Welcome to Tucker Insurance. Our motto is "We Treat You Like Family".
Hope you enjoy getting to know our team of professionals. Together we speak 8 languages. This allows us to help so many international clients
You will also see the large number of insurance companies we have placed our customers with. We work with the best of companies to make sure we have the right protection at the right price for you or your business


Companies We Work With

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield


"It seems to me that, with each passing year, it gets more difficult and more tedious to keep track of and guard one's money. You have been a tremendous help to me with the car insurance, as well as the insurance for the house that we are buying. Since we haven't had a realtor, and the sellers are out of town, I have been the primary lead on this and am feeling mostly blind about the whole thing! Your friendly and patient help has been a true blessing! Many thanks, Brianna"




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